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Wellness Tourism in Nature

Connecting with nature through activities that are good for your health

Wellness tourism is a growing trend in travel, where individuals seek to improve their well-being while on vacation. It offers activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, and healthy eating. At Blue Diamond, you can immerse yourself in a tranquil environment, engage in wellness activities, and enjoy nature.

Wellness Tourism Highlights at Blue Diamond

Why Blue Diamond is ideal for Wellness Tourism

Wellness Activities at Blue Diamond



Mind-body activities, such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong, are designed to positively impact the mind, alter physical function, and enhance human health.

Blue Diamond offers optimal conditions for connecting with nature. With tranquil spaces, cool streams, and lush green forests, visitors can experience a primitive way of life. Engaging in these activities provides travelers with the opportunity to focus deep within, improving both their mental and physical well-being.

Spa and beauty

Spa treatments are always highly effective for personal care, offering relaxation, rejuvenation, and relief from daily stresses. When you combine it with nature, you will experience a remarkable transformation in your body.

At Blue Diamond, located near a tranquil green river and majestic mountains, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy life in a truly unique way. The sights and sounds of nature can awaken your senses.

You can alleviate fatigue in our underwater pool, where cool water flows in the summer and warmth prevails in the winter. This provides an ideal environment to stimulate blood circulation and replenish energy in your body. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear river or unwind on Blue’s steam-powered boat, marveling at the mist surrounding the peaks of the mountains. These experiences will leave your body feeling vibrant and invigorated.



Exercise and sports are no longer limited to indoor spaces. You can now enjoy leisurely runs under the canopy of trees, go swimming, and even organize team-building activities with your loved ones. Treat yourself to a holiday that focuses on both physical and mental well-being.

At Blue Diamond, we prioritize nature conservation and have created various amenities such as treehouses, fully equipped camping areas, and an underground pool. These spaces are designed to help you shape and improve a healthy lifestyle. With our spacious and open grounds, you can comfortably engage in workouts, play, and spend quality time with your family and friends without worrying about space or time constraints.




Blue Diamond offers a paradise where you can reconnect with a simple, untouched way of life. Walking on the green grass fields within the Blue area provides numerous health and well-being benefits. The Japanese practice of “forest bathing” has shown that people who walk in nature have a slower and more stable heart rate, as well as a better mood compared to those who walk in city centers.

You can also enjoy biking through towering tree canopies or paddling on a SUP/kayak. Immersing yourself in the babbling stream is another option. Witnessing and experiencing the unique offerings here will help broaden your perspective, create personal space away from work pressures, and allow you to focus on your inner values.


Personal development

After busy days, treat yourself to a short “self-retreat” at Blue Diamond Camp. Disconnect from the internet and wake up to the melodic tunes of singing birds. Breathe in the fresh air and go for a run in the mountain forest to exercise your body and enhance memory, as suggested by the University of Michigan research.

Take the opportunity to read books and appreciate music in the poetic mountainous setting. It’s a unique chance to explore an emotional and artistic horizon. With nature as your inspiration, you’ll gain a different perspective on life and find the energy to conquer new challenges.

Spirit and Connection

Blue Diamond Camp is situated in the mountains, far away from the city. Here, you can immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by plants and free from artificial noise, allowing you to spend quiet time for prayer. Prayer is an effective way to heal the soul, providing inner peace, comfort, and strength to face difficulties and challenges.

In addition, Blue Diamond offers guests ample space to connect with nature and enhance their senses. You can relax on the swings placed next to the cool river, read books, listen to music, and reflect on yourself, understanding your needs and emotions.

Furthermore, you can connect with like-minded individuals who also seek a tranquil environment and wish to reconnect with nature in the untamed mountains.


Health & Nutrition

Blue Diamond is a great place for practicing “integrative medicine” either independently or with your own expert. The natural surroundings here can help you to focus and address body-mind-spirit issues.

Participating in activities like swimming, kayaking, and more, along with maintaining a healthy diet, all contribute to the ultimate goal of enhancing visitors’ well-being – achieving beauty from within using local ingredients and creating a healthy eating plan.

other services

Explore the pristine beauty of Quang Binh nature during the day and participate in exciting activities only available at Blue Diamond.
Tắm mát tại Suối Blue
Experience a comfortable and modern camping service without worrying about rain or sun, and suitable for all weather conditions. A private and spacious natural space provides a variety of entertainment and recreational services.
Tiệc tối BBQ
Experience a comfortable and modern camping service without worrying about rain or sun, and suitable for all weather conditions. A private and spacious natural space provides a variety of entertainment and recreational services.
Wellness tourism aims to maintain or improve the physical and mental health of visitors. It includes activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, etc. At Blue Diamond, you can enjoy both health activities and connect with the unique nature here.
Meeting activities become more vibrant and interesting when organized at Blue Diamond. It provides a space close to nature, bringing inspiration for creativity but still ensuring convenience for the formal activities of the organization.
For companies or organizations that want to hold a Team Building event where everyone can participate in meaningful, active activities without being confined to a rigid, boring format, Team Building with Blue Diamond Camp is the perfect solution for you.

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