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Team Building Services

Team building is a recurring activity organized by companies to build corporate culture. Blue Diamond Camp is confident in being an excellent team-building organizer that caters to all types of businesses and teams.

In particular, the “Adventure Race” program at Blue Diamond Camp offers a team-building experience that connects with the pristine nature of Phong Nha-Ke Bang. The group will trek through the forest, wade in cool Blue River, kayak, sail SUP, and explore mysterious caves. Team-building games are integrated throughout all activities, from decoding secret messages to overcoming obstacles for unforgettable memories.


1. Large campus: Blue Diamond Camp has a 5-hectare campus with 4 camping areas large enough to accommodate a large number of guests and organize diverse outdoor team-building programs and games.

2. All-weather comfort: Blue Diamond Camp offers 4 well-appointed campsites, each with roofs and private toilets. These campsites can comfortably house up to 300 people, ensuring that businesses and groups participating in team building can enjoy a comfortable stay, regardless of the weather conditions.asy group mobility but also minimizes potential risks.

3. Diverse team-building experiences: Blue Diamond Camp provides a range of team-building packages catering to all levels of engagement. From fun-filled activities like the ‘Encounter’ package to more challenging options like the ‘Advanced’ package, which includes relay races and message decoding, and even an ‘Adventure Race’ package that combines team building with hiking and trekking in Phong Nha-Ke Bang area, these packages, which can last from 3 to 8 hours, offer something for everyone.

4. Local delicacies: Enjoy delicious dishes made from fresh, local ingredients by local porters. When night falls over the campsite, enjoy a BBQ party in a spacious area with sparkling, cozy lights.

5. Customized program: Blue Diamond Camp can design a customized team-building program, including exclusive group outdoor games, on request. You can review the design and make adjustments afterward if necessary (Blue Diamond Camp has the right to refuse requests that exceed safety criteria for customers and employees).

6. Other services: Blue Diamond offers a comprehensive range of services, including sightseeing tours, transportation, meeting arrangements, gala dinners, and team building activities, to make your exploration of Quang Binh convenient and full of memorable experiences.



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1. Encounter: Team building activities with fun yet challenging games include matrix, stilt walking, hand kayaking, and more. The program lasts 3 hours.

2. Advanced: Our advanced team-building activities are perfect for those seeking a more intellectual challenge. From raft crossing the river to decoding secret messages, these games are designed to test your team’s mental agility. The program duration is 4 hours.

3. Adventure Race: Team-building activities connecting with the pristine nature of Phong Nha-Ke Bang, including trekking through the forest, wading in the cool Blue River, kayaking and sailing SUP on Blue River, exploring the mysterious cave. The program duration lasts from 4 – 8 hours.

4. Customized package: Blue Diamond Camp is ready to turn all your ideas into reality, creating a unique and meaningful team-building program (with careful consideration of safety).

other services

Explore the pristine beauty of Quang Binh nature during the day and participate in exciting activities only available at Blue Diamond.
Tắm mát tại Suối Blue
Experience a comfortable and modern camping service without worrying about rain or sun, and suitable for all weather conditions. A private and spacious natural space provides a variety of entertainment and recreational services.
Tiệc tối BBQ
Experience a comfortable and modern camping service without worrying about rain or sun, and suitable for all weather conditions. A private and spacious natural space provides a variety of entertainment and recreational services.
Wellness tourism aims to maintain or improve the physical and mental health of visitors. It includes activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, etc. At Blue Diamond, you can enjoy both health activities and connect with the unique nature here.
Meeting activities become more vibrant and interesting when organized at Blue Diamond. It provides a space close to nature, bringing inspiration for creativity but still ensuring convenience for the formal activities of the organization.
For companies or organizations that want to hold a Team Building event where everyone can participate in meaningful, active activities without being confined to a rigid, boring format, Team Building with Blue Diamond Camp is the perfect solution for you.

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