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About us

Our story

Blue Diamond was founded with the motto “Connect to nature.” We always want to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment, creating harmony and connection between humans and nature. This is also the meaning behind the logo of a leaf with a plug “Blue Diamond: Connect to nature”. Therefore, Blue Diamond has implemented solutions for energy consumption and tourism operations that still ensure harmony with nature and minimize impact on the surrounding environment, creating conditions for nature to regenerate.

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Blue Diamond is the first fully solar-powered camping area with all amenities in Quang Binh and Vietnam.

  • The lighting system and all electrical equipment, as well as entertainment activities such as kayaks, hammocks, and E-Rice ship, also use electricity from solar energy.
  • A nearby solar power station is available for use in emergencies.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Camp is a fully closed and nature-connected destination that does not harm the environment or people. Come to Blue Diamond for a refreshing experience in the fresh air, and to enjoy a variety of activities such as group activities, team building, reunions, and family experiences.

Let’s come together and immerse ourselves in the pristine mountain forest, soak in the cool, clear water, and participate in many exciting experiences at Blue Diamond Camp.

Our team

Nguyễn Châu Á


Nguyễn Hà Dung

Assistant General Director

Nguyễn T. Hải Yến

General Manager

Nguyễn Thanh Bắc

location supervisor

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