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Không gian khu trại

Camping is not boring at Blue Diamond, which offers a variety of recreational and convenient services, such as kayaking/SUP, swimming in Blue River, underground swimming pool, exploring treehouse, BBQ and camfire, visiting underground models simulating caves, and experiencing a treetop walkway that sparkles at night. Throughout the journey, visitors can enjoy the fresh air and immerse themselves in the clear water for relaxing moments. Enjoy the best values of camping in nature with family and friends.

Overnight camping

Overnight camping stands out as a thrilling experience, providing an immersive connection with nature. This activity holds immense appeal for nature enthusiasts, particularly gaining popularity among dynamic young families. Blue Diamond Camp, nestled in the enchanting mountain range and likened to a hidden gem, offers an exceptional getaway, promising visitors an unforgettable experience.

Blue Diamond offers a stunning natural setting for camping, featuring unparalleled views. Situated within an vast forest, the camping areas are surrounded by the beauty of the Blue River, its turquoise water gracefully flowing through. Not far away, the majestic limestone ridges characteristic of Quang Binh will appear towering right before your eyes. Take a leisurely stroll, unwind on the lush grass, and witness the sun setting behind the imposing ridges during a serene evening.

Especially, the Blue Diamond camping area is equipped with convenient facilities and suitable for all weather conditions:

  • The camping area has a roof and its own facilities for each camp. Visitors almost do not have to worry about the rain, so if you go on rainy days, it will be a wonderful experience than usual days. Visitors can watch the rain in a majestic, wild setting, sip a cup of coffee and gather with friends and family. On sunny days, this is also a great place to watch the sunset and hold a BBQ party, or watch the stars and the moon when night falls. That is surely the time everyone is looking forward to after a day of fun, gathering together to have dinner, chat, sing and play.
  • The camping area also provides convenience for visitors when equipped with a bathroom with shower (with towels provided) and private toilet in each area. The best equipment and devices are used to ensure that visitors have the most complete experience at Blue Diamond. In particular, each camp is arranged far enough apart to create a private space.
  • No need to worry about the heat: Each tent is equipped with a cooling fan, always ready to provide visitors with relaxing moments and comfortable sleep after a day of play and experience.

Playing and swimming at Blue River

When you arrive at Blue Diamond, you definitely cannot miss the activities of playing and swimming in the crystal-clear Blue River. This place makes visitors fall in love with its poetic and lyrical beauty, referred to as a green diamond hidden under the lush mountains of Blue.

Blue River bathing area has a wide sandy beach for everyone and is located right under the shade of cool old sung trees. Summer is the ideal time for you to swim and play with the games we have arranged on site such as water swings, floating buoys, kayaks, slides and many other activities. Create unforgettable memories in a paradise of awe-inspiring beauty. Plunge into the cool embrace of the water and let the thrill of discovery wash away the summer heat.

In addition to the experience of swimming in the Blue River, there are other interesting activities waiting for you such as swimming in the underground pool, BBQ party with friends, relaxing in the tree house, and exploring on the tree walk,… Blue Diamond promises to be a great destination for your travel journey!

Tắm mát tại Suối Blue

Tree house - a peaceful corner in the heart of nature

Tree houses are a place to relax and enjoy the fresh air under the lush green trees. You can simultaneously admire the tranquil river and surrounding mountains, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and chat with your loved ones. Occasionally, the sound of monkeys and birds chirping from afar will make your heart flutter because of the clear sound of the mountains.

The tree houses at Blue Diamond are located right on the ancient banyan trees along Blue River. Currently, there are 5 tree houses in use at Blue Diamond and are set about 2 meters above the water. The house is designed simply to keep its original beauty, fixed by sturdy iron pillars attached to the tree trunk but still does not damage the tree. It helps to support the tree in strong winds. Leading from the ground to the houses are short wooden bridges or stairs. The floor is made of wooden planks and surrounded by a railing for safety.

A sparkling treetop walkway

Blue Diamond offers a variety of activities in the heart of nature, while still preserving the pristine beauty of the mountains. When you come to Blue Diamond, you can walk on the treetop trails, which are a system of suspension bridges that connect the four camping areas together and lead to the treehouse cafes on the banks of the Blue River.

The walkway is 770 meters long, about 1 meter above the ground to avoid stepping on the forest’s vegetation. It also prevents visitors from coming into contact with mud when it rains. The bridge deck is made of thick, sturdy wooden planks. The railing is a mesh type that is woven diagonally into small squares, just right for both adults and children to visit, and safe to walk through. Taking each gentle step through the trees on high is a new and exciting experience for visitors. At night, you can also admire the illuminated suspension bridge, the golden lights stretching across the entire length of the bridge creating a fairy tale scene. You will surely have a walk in the forest with dreamy photos all day and night.

Lối đi trên cao
Chèo Kayak trên suối Blue

Kayaking on Blue River

In Quang Binh, the rocky limestone mountains and clear underground  from caves create numerous impressive and beautiful landscapes. Especially, the camping area of Blue Diamond, blessed by nature, presents the majestic scenery of mountains, blending with the romantic charm of water, with mountains, streams, and forests forming a vivid and realistic painting.

When visiting Blue Diamond, visitors cannot miss the activity of leisurely enjoying the scenery along Blue River by Kayak/SUP to immerse themselves in this beautiful scenery. A river with a beautiful emerald green color embraces the vast forest of Blue Diamond, with rows of ancient trees casting shade on the water and surrounding limestone cliffs. The scenery of water, mountains, and trees blend together to create a cool green color, and the cool forest breeze helps you to cool off the hot summer heat.

Relaxing kayaking on the surface of the water and admiring the endless consecutive cliffs. The deeper you paddle, the more you can explore the Blue River, which is like a hidden fairyland that few people know about. The river is hidden and surrounded by lush mountains, creating a private space separate from the outside world. There are towering rock formations in the middle of the river and a small waterfall flowing out from the mountain, which embellish the pristine beauty of the Blue River. This beautiful and romantic scenery will surely make you want to swim and explore new emotions you have never experienced before. Doesn’t it sound interesting? There are also some floating rafts and water swings along the river for visitors to rest or play under the shade of trees after a journey on the water.

Gathering around a BBQ party and campfire

BBQ parties are certainly a great time that everyone looks forward to after a day of fun. After hiking in the forest, kayaking, and swimming in Blue River, everyone is ready for a rest and relaxation. The BBQ party will be held right in front of the camping area with a spacious space and sparkling lights. Your group can play and chat privately. Delicious dishes for the BBQ are prepared by the local chefs, along with drinks at the counter for everyone. When the night falls, the campfire is lit, everyone gathers around to have dinner, chat, sing, and play together. The BBQ party will be a memorable moment in the camping experience trip of your group at Blue Diamond.

Tiệc tối BBQ

Explore Blue River by E-Rice Ship

A cruise on Blue River is one of the most unique and exciting experiences that visitors can have at Blue Diamond Camp.

Blue Diamond designed a unique and innovative E-Rice ship with a D-shaped hull. The spacious ship can accommodate up to 10 people. The bottom of the E-Rice ship has a propeller that helps the glide smoothly on the water. On the ahip is a bicycle connected to two large wind turbine systems behind the stern. The pedals are used to spin the fans and move the  faster forward. Therefore, visitors can experience cycling on the Blue River themselves, which will make everyone extremely excited about this new game.

When you go for a E-Rice ship ride on Blue River, you can let your soul wander in the fresh, cool air. You can freely admire the lush, romantic scenery of the trees and mountains on both sides of the bank, enjoy the relaxing moments floating on the water, a very interesting feeling!

Other activities

Explore the pristine beauty of Quang Binh nature during the day and participate in exciting activities only available at Blue Diamond.
Tiệc tối BBQ
Experience a comfortable and modern camping service without worrying about rain or sun, and suitable for all weather conditions. A private and spacious natural space provides a variety of entertainment and recreational services.
Tắm mát tại Suối Blue

On-demand services

You can book a separate service with a customized itinerary and time according to your needs. Contact us immediately for advice and program design according to your requirements.
Wellness tourism aims to maintain or improve the physical and mental health of visitors. It includes activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, etc. At Blue Diamond, you can enjoy both health activities and connect with the unique nature of the place.
Meeting activities become more vibrant and interesting when organized at Blue Diamond. The place provides a space close to nature, bringing inspiration for creativity but still ensuring convenience for the formal activities of the organization.
For companies or organizations that want to hold a Team Building event where everyone can participate in meaningful, active activities without being confined to a rigid, boring format, Team Building with Blue Diamond Camp is the perfect solution for you.

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