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Our story

With over 10 years of experience organizing cave exploration tours in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, Quang Binh Province, we have created and utilized the advantages of nature in the construction of works, serving for camping, playing and daily meetings. These initiatives not only help save energy, are meaningful for the sustainable development of society and the environment, but also create harmony and connect people with nature.
Tham quan suối Blue bằng Thuyền
Trải nghiệm bơi hồ bơi ngầm trong lòng đất

Underground swimming pool

Simulating the underground river system inside caves such as the Tu Lan, Hang Va, Hang En, and Hang Son Đoong, Blue Diamond has built a unique underground swimming pool. Not open like ordinary swimming pools, the 35-meter-long, 2-meter-deep, and 5-meter-wide underground swimming pool of Blue is covered to block out sunlight, and the outside of the pool is covered with green trees, making it look like a real cave. Visitors can experience swimming in the cave, a very new and unexpected adventure, as if they are floating somewhere in the amazing world of caves.
The swimming pool also has three holes to let in sunlight. This was inspired by the two giant dolines inside Hang Son Doong. If lucky on sunny days, visitors will have the opportunity to see the beautiful rays of sunlight shining through the "dolines".
Because it is located entirely underground and covered with a dome and a layer of insulation on the roof, the water temperature in the pool is always cool in the summer but very warm in the winter. When swimming, you do not directly contact the sunlight, allowing you to enjoy playing in the cool water with your friends and family.

Underground meeting room

Blue Diamond offers an underground meeting room for companies and organizations to hold conferences or training sessions during their stay at the camp.
This is also a very unique meeting room model of Blue Diamond. The underground meeting room is designed and built in the style of Hobbit architecture, half-submerged in the ground in a very unique way, combining natural elements into the construction.
Part of the meeting room is underground. The soil above it acts as insulation, keeping the air inside cool even in hot weather. We also use fans to draw cool air from below the room, further cooling the space.
Just in front of the meeting room is the beautiful Blue River with very cool water. It is built close to the river so it can catch the natural breezes and cool mist. Therefore, the room always has a cool temperature, filled with natural light and fresh air from nature, without the need for electronic air conditioners. This helps to reduce electricity consumption and promote sustainable tourism.
Trải nghiệm bơi hồ bơi ngầm trong lòng đất

Rainwater storage bag

Each camp at Blue Diamond has a 2m x 20m rainwater storage bag made of a specialized nylon material that is waterproof. Rainwater is collected from the roofs of the camps, passed through a coarse filter system to remove impurities before being placed in the storage bag. When it rains, the rainwater storage system will help Blue Diamond collect enough water to meet the needs of visitors and camp staff. The use of rainwater also helps to reduce the amount of water used from the wells in Blue Diamond Camp, contributing to environmental protection.

Plastic bin for composting organic matter - Environmentally friendly food waste recycling solution

Blue Diamond Camp uses a plastic bin to compost organic waste. Leftover food from the campsite or discarded fruits and vegetables are collected and placed in the drum. Then, Emzeo probiotics and molasses are added to the drum. Emzeo probiotics are a type of beneficial microorganisms that break down leftover food into compost, eliminate bad odors, and produce beneficial substances for the environment. Molasses is a liquid that contains many nutrients, which is a food source for beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

After about 1-2 months, the food waste in the barrel will be completely decomposed into compost. The compost is collected and used to fertilize the greenery in the campsite. The use of plastic barrels to compost has helped Blue Diamond Camp to find a way to use food waste. At the same time, the compost created is also a natural organic fertilizer source, helping the greenery to grow better.

Other services

Tham quan bằng thuyền

Day Trip

Explore the pristine beauty of Quang Binh nature during the day and participate in exciting activities only available at Blue Diamond.

Overnight Camping

Experience a comfortable and modern camping service without worrying about rain or sun, and suitable for all weather conditions. A private and spacious natural space provides a variety of entertainment and recreational services.
Tắm mát tại Suối Blue

On-demand services

You can completely book a private package with a customized itinerary and time according to your needs. Contact us to design your trip now.

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